Registration Reminders:
  • ALL families must re-register for each new school year! 

  • Registration does not carry over from previous years.

  • Registrations will be processed in the order they are received.

  • It can take up to 10 business days to process a registration and deliver the student file to the school

Summer Camp Registration for 2021 is open!

  • Broadway, Pomona & Tope locations are FULL!

  • We are accepting applications for our waitlists. Please contact our main office with any questions.

Please click above to register for any of our programs. 

Allow up to 10 business days for processing once your registration is complete. 

You will receive an email when your registration is processed and your child can begin attending. 

Please note: the registration fee is non-refundable.

*We encourage families with Split-Households to register separate accounts.

*Each account is responsible for payment of $45 registration fee.

Extended Hours Program will not be responsible for tracking or differentiating between "Mom" & "Dad" weeks/payments on a shared account.

*If you are having difficulty completing your online application for our program on a tablet or cell phone, we recommend using a computer and clearing your browser history or cache.

*Phone Number Error on Application Form: We recommend that you do not use the "auto fill" option when completing this form. It can cause an error with phone numbers that will not allow you to enter additional numbers. If this issue occurs, try clearing your history or cache and attempting the form again.

Registration Checklist: 

Please complete your online application for our School Year program & submit all forms/payments required.


Once we receive a complete registration we will process it and notify you via email a start date for care when you child's registration is ready to go. 


If we will need additional information to complete the registration we will notify you via email as well. 

Your registration is not complete until we have received the following;


  • Online Application

  • $45 registration fee (per household) for the School Year 

  • Calendar of anticipated attendance for the upcoming month

    • Pre-payment for attendance for at least the first two weeks

  • Immunization forms for each child or exemption forms

  • Medical Forms for Epi Pen, Inhaler, Medication, etc. (If applicable) 

  • For Families receiving CCCAP assistance:

    • CCCAP Authorization (confirmation from caseworker)

    • CCCAP Extended Hours Contract (required for all families receiving CCCAP to fill out and sign verifying you have read and understand Extended Hours policies in regards to your account)

Our Main Office is located in a residential area and unable to accept visitors. Please fax or email all paperwork.

Need Financial Assistance?
We accept funding through the Mesa County Child Care Assistance Program. Click HERE for their guidelines to see if you qualify to receive assistance.