Registrations for 2022-2023 School Year will open in JUNE 2022. 

  • Check back for specific date and details for how to register your child for the 2022-2023 School Year!

Summer Camp 2022 Registrations are open!  

  • Please click on the Summer Camp 2022 tab for information on the Summer Camp Program as well as instructions on how to apply!


Please allow up to 10 business days for our office to process registrations. 
Care CANNOT start same day as registration is submitted.

Complete Registrations will receive a confirmation email with a Start Date for when child can begin attending care. 

*Start Date will depend on when all registration items are completed as well as next scheduled delivery of student files to the school.

Extended Hours Program Registration for 2021-2022 School Year

Please select your child's school from the School List below. 

This link will take you to the online registration for your child.

Click on the School Name.


​*Our billing system is based on household under parent/guardian name.

If you have shared custody and will require separate payments - each household will be required to complete a separate registration.

Registration Checklist for 2021-2022 School Year: 

Please complete your online application for our School Year program & submit all forms/payments required.

Your registration is not complete until we have received the following;


  • Online Application (click on your child's SCHOOL below to start online application)

  • $50 registration fee (per household) for the School Year

    • Once we have downloaded your registration, we will email you a link for payment.  

  • Calendar of anticipated attendance for the upcoming month

  • Pre-payment for attendance for at least the first two weeks

  • Immunization Records for each child or exemption forms

  • Medical Forms for Epi Pen, Inhaler, Medication, etc. (If applicable) 

For Families receiving CCCAP assistance

  • The following items are required in addition to the items listed above for families enrolled in CCCAP (Colorado Childcare Assistance Program): 

    • CCCAP Authorization (confirmation from caseworker)

    • CCCAP Extended Hours Contract (required for all families receiving CCCAP to fill out and sign verifying you have read and understand Extended Hours policies in regards to your account)

*Please allow up to 10 business days for our office to process registrations. 

Complete Registrations: Will receive a confirmation email with a start date for when child can begin attending care. Start date will depend on when registration items were completed as well as scheduled delivery of student file to school. 

Incomplete Registrations: Will receive an email notifying you of required missing items. Incomplete registrations remain on hold in Extended Hours Main Office until ALL required items are submitted. 

Click on Your Child's School Below to Begin the Registration Process!
*Please contact our main office for instructions if your child's school is not listed below.
*After submitting application, please disregard the portion of your email that asks you to sign application & turn in to your school. We will process applications electronically. There is no need to sign and turn in form.  



2358 H Road


Before & After School Care


2248 Broadway


Before & After School Care


3188 D ½ Road


Before & After School Care


950 Chipeta Avenue


Before & After School Care

Dos Rios

265 Linden Avenue


Before & After School Care

Dual Immersion


After School Care @ Pomona


585 30 Road


Before & After School Care

Lincoln Orchard Mesa

288 B ½ Road


Before & After School Care

Mesa View

2967 B Road


Before & After School Care

Monument Ridge

1501 K Road

Phone 970-234-6872

Before & After School Care


543 28 ¾ Road


Before & After School Care

Orchard Avenue

1800 Orchard Ave.


Before & After School Care

Pear Park

432 30 ½ Road


Before & After School Care


588 25 ½ Road


Before & After School Care

Rim Rock

1810 J 6/10 Road


Before & After School Care

Rocky Mountain

3260 D ½ Road


Before & After School Care


451 Scenic Drive


Before & After School Care


353 N. Mesa Street


Before & After School Care


2220 N 7th Street


Before & After School Care


351 South Camp Road


Before & After School Care

Payment Link for Procare:


  • This link can be used to Process Online Payments for your account. 

    • *You must have a current registration to use the link above!​

    • **It is highly recommended to use GOOGLE CHROME as your web browser when logging in to Procare. 

Need Financial Assistance?
We accept funding through the Mesa County Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP).
For more information visit the Mesa County Department of Human Services Website. 
Click Here!