Summer Camp

Summer Camp Registration will open at a later date: TBA

Extended Hours will be holding Summer Camp this year just as in the years past. We will be accepting registrations soon but do not have a firm date yet. We will email, post on our Facebook group, and update here as soon as we have a date. Thank you for your patience amidst dealing with COVID-19. We appreciate all our families! 

Daily Rate

$36.00 per day

*No 1/2 day option available


Activity Fee PER child = $50.00


Discount Available!

  • *5% discount available for prepaying entire summer. 

    • Minimum of 39 days reserved for summer camp.

    • No refund for cancelling days.

    • Will be allowed to "switch" days prior to deadline. 

    • Payment due May 15th 

Summer Attendance Policies and Fees


  • * Calendars for all 10 weeks of camp are due upon registration. 

  • * Attendance is pre-paid at least two weeks at a time based on our calendars.

  • *Payment is due the date that cancellations/changes are due for that calendar.

    • If alternate payment schedule is requested, please contact the main office to set that up prior to May 15th. 

  • * Parent fees for CCCAP families are due on the 1st of the month. 

    • Care will be discontinued if payment for parent fee is not received by the 8th of each month.

  • * Reservations can be changed up until the due dates listed on each calendar.

    • Once the due date has passed, you are financially responsible for any days reserved.

    • You are charged for days reserved whether or not your child attends. 

  • * A $5 drop in fee will be applied to any days added after the cancellation/change deadline per calendar.

  • * Days cannot be "switched" after the calendar deadline.

    • We are unable to swap reserved days for alertnate days after the deadline has passed. If a day is cancelled after the deadline, it is still charged.

    • If a new day is added after the deadline, the full charge of $41($36 + $5 drop in) will be due in order to make reservation.  

  • * All rules also apply to families using CCCAP and you will be privately charged for days your child misses attendance that is reserved. 

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