Summer Camp

Activity Fee PER child = $50.00



Daily Rate:


*No 1/2 day option available

Weekly Rate (Discounted):

$37.00 per day when reserving full week. 


Late Payment Fee:

$5.00 per day fee for late payments


Discount Available!

  • *5% discount available for prepaying entire summer.

  • Must meet following criteria: 

    • Minimum of 38 days reserved for summer camp.

    • No refund for cancelling days.

    • Full payment due May 15th 

Summer Attendance Policies and Fees

  • Calendars & Scheduling:

    • Schedule for all 10 weeks of camp are due upon registration.​

      • This helps us evaluate openings in our camp.​

    • Calendar changes & cancellations are due 2 weeks prior to week of care. 

      • We do not credit absences or switch days after the 2 week deadline has passed. ​

  • Payment:

    • Payment for first 2 weeks of Summer Camp is due at registration.

      • Your child's spot will not be confirmed in Summer Camp prior to payment being received. 

    • Payment for following weeks of camp is due 2 weeks prior to care. (Payment schedule listed on Summer Camp Tab).​

      • Care may be discontinued if payment is not received by deadline.​

      • We do not offer credits or refunds for missed days. 

      • We are not able to "switch" reserved days after cancellation deadline has passed. 

    • $5.00 late payment fee will be applied for each day that payment is late after deadline.

  • CCCAP Policies (For Families enrolled in and receiving assistance through CCCAP)

    • Parent fees for CCCAP families are due on the 1st of the month. 

      • Care will be discontinued if payment for parent fee is not received by the 5th of each month.

    • * All rules for calendars and scheduling also apply to families using CCCAP and you will be privately charged for days your child misses attendance that is reserved.